Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thanks for Nothing

I just finished a book called Thanks for Nothing, by Laura Dower. This book made me feel that it is very hard to have two things that you want to do and you can't make a decision between two of them. This is just like when my mom said that I can only buy one thing from the store, when I really wanted two things, it was so hard to decide which one I was going to buy, so I just chose one randomly, and that worked out pretty well. That connection made me understand more of how it felt being stuck between two decisions you both wanted to take.

Madison, the main character of the book got very paranoid because her grandma can't come for Thanksgiving because she had a hip problem, and her dad just had a divorce with Madison's mom. Madison was really sad until she volunteered at the Far Hills Clinic, were she helped different kind of animals. She then had to decide between, spending Thanksgiving with her mom, or her dad and Stephanie, her dad's girlfriend. Madison wanted to spend Thanksgiving with her dad and Stephanie, but she didn't want to make her mom sad, but after her dad said that he was going to spend Thanksgiving in Texas with Stephanie's family, and wanted Madison to join them, Madison chose to stay with her mom. Madison thought that Thanksgiving with her mom will be really boring, but after all it turned out well, and Madison didn't regret her choice.

The problem of the story is that Madison doesn't know who to spend Thanksgiving with, it was either with her dad and Stephanie, or her mom. She wants to spend Thanksgiving with her dad and Stephanie, but she didn't want to make her mom unhappy, but then she found out that her dad was going to Texas to spend Thanksgiving with Stephanie's family, so she decided to spend Thanksgiving with her mom, and that worked out really well. If I could change the book, I will make Madison's dad come back to the family, so that they can have a happy Thanksgiving together again. I think the author is trying to tell us that, everything has a good side and a bad side, so we should all look at the good side and forget about the bad.