Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kensuke's Kingdom

I have just completed a book called Kensuke's Kingdom, by Michael Morpurgo. This book was a very exciting book, after I read one chapter, I would want to read on. This book made me think about on a boat trip we went on, and one night, the boat was rocking really hard, and I felt really uncomfortable. This connection help me understand the characters feeling, how bad it feels when the boat is rocking. I think this is a good book for me because I can make lots of different connections.

I think Kensuke changed a lot most, because at first, Kensuke hated Michael for lighting up the fire, he got really mad, but then, Kensuke knew more about Michael, then they became friends. At first, Michael did not know why Kensuke got mad at him for lighting up the fire and swimming in the water, but after talking to Kensuke, he found out that Kensuke did not like when people knew there was someone living on this island, and that he was very independent, because people came and killed the orangutans, and because the orangutans was his friends. He didn't want Michael to swim in the ocean because he knew there was lots of jellyfishes in the ocean, and they can sting people, but Michael did not listen to him, he went in the water to swim, he got stung, and almost died, but Kensuke saved his life, and they became friends.

The problem of the story was that Michael fell of the boat and that how Kensuke helped him to survive on the island. I would change the part where Michael fell of the boat to the sunk and that his parents died, but he floated on to the island. I think the authors message is, we have to appreciate what you have.