Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chinese Cinderella

I just finished a book called Chinese Cinderella written by Adeline Yen Mah. This book is a non-fiction book, it is mainly talking about a herself, when she was young, and her miserable childhood, not even her family cared about her, because after her mom gave birth to Adeline, her mom died, so now the whole family is blaming on Adeline. Every time when my mom gets mad at me, or tell me what I did wrong, I always think she is so mean even though I know that she is correcting me and telling me what is right to do, and I always think how nice other parents are, but now I realize that it will feel terrible not having a parent telling you what you did wrong, and tell you what is right, now I feel that my mom is getting less angry at me, because now I don't do such things that make her mad, and now I don't really think she is mean anymore. I think this book is really good because I can make lots of connections to my life, and it tells you how harsh and miserable life is without parents, and no one that loves you.

Adeline is an intelligent girl and she studies very hard and never gives up, she didn't change during the story, even though she was so unwanted and being treated so badly by her stepmother, father, brothers and sisters, she still tried to be nice to them, she was always the top student in class, but no one was ever proud of her except for Aunt Baba. Aunt Baba is loving and caring, and she was Adeline's mother's best friend, she was told to take care of Adeline. Aunt Baba always helped to comfort Adeline when she was sad, and loved her very much. Aunt Baba moved away when Adeline got sent to Shanghai to go to school, and she didn't see Adeline for a long time, but they always wrote letters to each other. Adeline's brother's were always teasing and being mean to her, but sometimes they pretend to be nice, and they will play a prank on her, that is the worst part, because so of those pranks are really weird.

Since this is a non-fiction book, it is a true story, so I can't change it, but I think the ending should be more interesting, and something that will surprise and attract the readers, so then they will think her books are really good and by more of her books. I think the author is trying to tell us, since we have parents that love us so much we should appreciate it, and we should be thankful for what we have.

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