Monday, November 30, 2009

Sign of the Beaver

Matt was left alone by himself, in the little cabin, he was very lonely after his dad left to take his family to the forest, his dad said it was going take 6 weeks, he was sad and lonely met a Indian boy named Attean. Matt made a deal with Attean's grandfather, that Attean will bring food for Matt, and Matt will teach Attean how to read. After a little while of teaching, Attean started to take Matt hunting. In the middle of the book, Attean and his grandfather invited Matt to have a feast in the Indian Village. When winter was about to come, Attean asked Matt to become his brother and live together with the Indian's, but Matt said that he was going to stay to wait for his family. This story happened in the middle to late 1700's. This book is talking about meeting of two different cultures, and how friendship work.

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