Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Abe Lincoln's Hat

I have just completed a book called Abe Lincoln's Hat by Martha Brenner. This book made me think of my mom, and how organized she is just like Abe Lincoln. Abe Lincoln kept all his letters in his hat, so there would not be letters that he can't find, or letters he didn't reply. My mom always keeps track of stuff, she will never lose a piece of paper, or a little thing. This book is a just right book because, I can learn lots of different stuff from it, like being organized, because I am not that organized, I lose stuff easily, so I should learn from Abraham Lincoln, learn to be organized.

Abraham Lincoln was first very disorganized, at first letters were everywhere in his room, so he can't find the one he is looking for, but then he found a way to make himself organized, which is buying a tall black hat to keep his letters in. That way, he will always remember if he read that letter or not, and he would not forget to reply a single letter. I think what made him change was that he found what he was weak at, so he learned from his mistakes, he thought the hat had enough room for lots of things, so that's how he thought of putting letters in his hat. But after he got the hat and put letters in to it, there was some challenges he had to face. Some of the kids make fun of him for wearing a hat that tall, so they tied a thin piece of string, everyone can walk under it, except for Abe Lincoln, because of the hat, so when he walks down the street, the string will tip his hat off, and all the kids will laugh, but Abe Lincoln did not get mad at them, he just laughed along.

Abe Lincoln had to face lots of challenges in being a lawyer, he had to help lots of people, for example, he had to help two men determine who owns the colt, he took both of the mother horses to the back yard, and he was holding on to the colt, then Abe let the baby colt run free, he wanted to see who the colt will go to, and the one that the colt goes to, is it's mother. If I will change this book, I will make it harder, not that easy, I will explain more about what happened and what he did, and not just give tiny examples. I think the author is trying to tell us, that we have to learn from what we have done wrong, like Abe how he could have put all his letters in a box, or make his room organized, but then he found out what he was weak at, which was being organized, so he concentrated on that, and thought of the idea of putting his letters in his hat.


  1. I think this is a wonderful blog. I like how you explain how Abe Lincoln changed from being messy to being neat. Making examples for each of your statements has helped me understand you statement better. I like how you express your feelings into this blog. One thing I would do is add more details into your examples to let the reader understand more about what you think. Overall, this blog entry is very good.

  2. I think this blog was really good. I liked how you said Abraham Lincoln was messy but turned neat because of the tall hat and when he was neat you connected to your mom saying that she is also really organized and neat. I liked how you connected to this book a lot. I think that you should but in more details and examples but overall I think you did a good job on your blog entry.

  3. I really like your blog. I liked how you did a connection to your life to the book.I also liked how wrote how you thought about the book and how you wrote about what you thought about the character. One thing I think you should have put in your blog is how the charater changed during the story.