Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I just finished a book called CandyFloss, by Jacqueline Wilson. The book made me feel sort of sad, since Floss' parent were divorced, and her mom married a man named Steve, and Steve got a job in Australia, so her mom, stepfather, and stepbrother, are moving to Australia, it was very hard for her to make the decision, because she wanted to stay with her dad, and she wanted her mom too. I really don't think it was right for her mom to just leave her, and go to Australia. I had very hard decisions to make too, but they weren't this hard. Sometimes, it's hard for me to decide what I should buy at the shop, when my mom said only to buy one thing, and sometimes, it's hard for me to decide whether I should stay at my grandparent's house, or my aunt's house. It's very hard for me because sometimes, you really want to do both, and you just can't make a decision, but if someone else makes the decision for you, you will want to do the other. Like these little things, you can choose randomly, because you will have more chances, but like the problems Floss are dealing with, will need some deep thinking. This was a just right book for me because, I understood every bit of the story, and I understood the character's feelings.

Rhiannon use to be Floss' best friend, until her mom moved away, and Floss had to live with her dad, in his greasy cafe, she thought that Floss smelled, hung out with the very popular girls, she blended in quickly, because she was considerably the prettiest girl in class, after beginning with the popular girls, she started to ignore Floss, and called her all sorts of names. Floss didn't have any friends, so she became friends with the new girl Susan. Susan was also a character who changed a lot, she was a new student at Floss' school, she was very smart, that's why people tease her, and make fun of her. She was very scared at the start of the story, but then she became braver when she and Floss became friends. She would stand up for Floss and would help Floss on her math. Rhiannon changed because of Floss' dad, because she really didn't like his cafe, and didn't appreciate him one bit. Susan changed because of Floss, Floss gave her lots of ideas, and things to do, Floss stood up for Susan, then Susan learned not to be afraid, and stood up for Floss.

After making a huge decision. Floss' dad had no business in his cafe, so they ended up having an even bigger problem, which is, where are they going to live? Good thing one of his three customers won a lottery, and was planning a trip to Australia to see his son. He said that Floss and his dad could live at his house when he's in Australia. After a while of living in Billy's house, and helping out at his chip van, Billy decided that he was going to stay in Australia with his son. He was going to sell his old torn down house. Now the problem is, where are they going to live? Thankfully they met people at the fair, Rose, the lady who sells candy floss, lives in a car van, and she has a spare one since her son went to live somewhere else. So Rose said that they can live in the other car van until they find a house. Floss' dad opened a fast food place in a van, and Floss was helping both Rose and her dad. I would change the part about Floss' mom moving away, I would change it to, Floss' mom will really miss her after a while, and wants to come back to meet Floss, and Steve quits his job and goes back to Floss, and that Floss' dad would not lose his job, and he will have a place to live, and everything goes back to normal. I think the authors message is, you have to face the challenges and live with the changes in your life.


  1. I really liked your reading response! You could work on why didn't Rhiannon appreciate her dad?
    But all in all it was a really good reading response!!!!

  2. I really liked how you put lot's of details about the characters and how you felt about. And I think you'd put too much commas. But I think you did great job!

  3. I really liked how you put lots of details and connections that show how you under stood what Floss felt. I wonder Why Rhiannon changed because of Floss' dad, if Rhiannon was such a good friend she shouldn't abandon floss. Why did Rose give them the other van for free? She didn't even know them. But you did a really good job on your reading response.

  4. This was a great blog. I really enjoyed reading it. I like your connections and your descriptions on how that characters changed. I think that it is mean for Rhiannon to abandon Floss but it shows that Rhiannon is not a true friend. You did a good job on your blog.

  5. I think you did great on your blog. I liked how you made connections to your real life. I think Rhiannon, is not a very good friend, if she was floss's best friend, then why would she leave her alone.